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Wong Ping, Who's the daddy (你要熱烈地親親 爹哋), 2017

The title and inspiration for Who's the daddy come from a popular but problematic children's song that presents the world as being good, only if you passionately kiss your daddy. This song, at the film’s conclusion, offers a possible explanation for the narrator's complex relationship with sexuality and power. The film depicts a set of dark entanglements with desire, inappropriate musings on fatherhood and a self-effacing glance at the submissive tendencies of the narrator. Encompassing religious morality, the transactional nature of sexuality within a technological, capitalist paradigm and the development of racist tendencies when discussing the physical attributes of various minorities, the story concludes with the narrator becoming a father. This version of fatherhood is dystopic and deranged as he is presented with the aborted foetus of a previous abusive lover, who gifted him this ‘child’ as a penance for her own behaviour toward him. The cheerful imagery and comical depiction is at odds with the dark depiction of trauma and its ongoing psychological impact on the self and others. A certain sympathy is engendered when, in the final scene, when the nursery rhyme that gives the film its title is played, it is suggested that trauma can be both inherited and cyclical.

MediumSingle-channel animation
Duration9 minutes 15 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs