Akeroyd Collection


Aki Sasamoto, Movie: Delicate Cycle, 2017

Movie: Delicate Cycle is a filmed version of an improvisational performance that Aki Sasamoto first completed at SculptureCentre in New York in 2016. In this piece of constructed video documentation, Sasamoto, much the same as in the performance itself, spins inside a washing machine, rolls a 6-foot tall ball of bedsheets, and activates the washroom stalls. She ponders about dung beetles, the bird's eye view, cleanliness, and the idiocy of physical work. Much of the commentary centres on a strange figure from the artist's past only referred to as a ‘wise man’. He was an irritating figure, looming over the artist's past, which she describes and draws as part of the performance. The sculptural components of the work, seen and used in the performance, consist of abstracted washroom stalls with tiled floors that have magnets embedded in the walls and ceilings. These magnetized surfaces allow marker pens, cooking utensils, and headlamps to be secured in place for use at various points of the performance. These architectures are rigged with pulleys so that Sasamoto can rotate them from inside to change their orientation, and eventually escape through their air vents. The performance, as well as this video, lasts for the duration of a washing cycle.

MediumSingle channel video, sound
Duration31 minutes 39 seconds
Editionof 5